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The Axper Sea Scooter, Coming Soon to HK Beach

The Asiwo Seascooter, one of the most useful tools in underwater exploration. The Asiwo team headed out to Malaysia over the weekend to test this claim, and we brought along some friends for the ride.


Beginning our journey at Malaysia, we boarded the boat early in the morning to put the Diving  Sea Scooter to the test out in the middle of the ocean. Experienced to beginners, we had praise all around from our team and friends with it’s useability, and not to mention how much fun it was swimming laps around the boat with ease.

After much struggle to pull our friends away from the water, we managed to capture their first impressions; “Amazing experience”, “Endless fun” and “Can’t enjoy the water without it anymore” all came to light, followed by a short stream of gleaming reviews, before they all hurried back in. Needless to say, their faces said it all.


A short break later we headed over to Malaysia beach, where the water was crystal clear. This gave us the opportunity to try deep diving and explore into the vast ocean. Without the Underwater Seascooter let me tell you, swimming straight down is a painful task, with every push down you get bounced straight back up to the surface like a game of basketball. However, after grabbing the Underwater Seascooter it was a whole new ballgame, swimming with the fishes had a whole new meaning, and it was an experience to remember.

All in all it was a trip I’m sure none of us will forget, and had the Aqua Seascooter not been there I don’t think I could make that statement as confidently. But don’t just take our word for it, take it out for a spin and explore the water’s near you, this is a must have for any diver, swimmer or even casual beach goes, I’m sure it will become your go to accessory with all your next adventures.


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